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Purchase Suggestion

Would you like the library to purchase something new?

Please keep in mind that GSPL tries to purchase items that have been published within the past year. If it is older than this, we generally borrow them from another library in Canada through interlibrary loan (ILL). However, if the item you are requesting is part of a series that we already have or if the item used to be part of our collection and is now missing, you may suggest that we purchase the title.

All suggestions will still be accepted and compared to the library's purchasing criteria as set out in the Materials Selection Policy. Suggested items that meet this criteria will be purchased.

The Greater Sudbury Public Library welcomes suggested titles to help us shape our collection. However, due to the overwhelming number of requests, the library can no longer notify patrons if a title is not being purchased, nor can we place a reserve on a suggested purchased title.

Please Note: Submit only one suggestion per title.

IMPORTANT: GSPL will maintain/update the television series that we have already started to collect, but no new tv series will be purchased.

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