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Ask a Question

Through Greater Sudbury Public Library's Ask a Question service, Reference Services staff will provide brief answers to your factual questions within 48 hours. We will also provide the sources for the answers we offer. If we are unable to provide you with a direct answer, we will suggest sources to help you answer your question.

The types of questions that may be answered through Ask a Question include:

  • Information about Greater Sudbury Public Library's programs, services and collections.
  • Dates, names, addresses, telephone numbers, definitions, quick facts, and spelling.
  • Limited biographical, historical, and genealogical information.
  • Government agencies, officials, and addresses.
  • Locations and telephone numbers for businesses, publishers, organizations, associations, and agencies.

Greater Sudbury Public Library staff cannot provide legal, medical, or financial advice, but we can suggest sources to help you find answers to these questions.